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Cobra Radspeed Driver

Cobra Radspeed Driver

Adam Gray

This driver is an enormous step forward in driver engineering. It looks stunning at address and when you strike the ball… Well, it makes you love driving!

The radial weighting design pushes the front and back weight as far apart as possible to optimise CG, which in turn will help you hit further with more forgiveness. We've never seen a driver like this before, and we're very excited by it.

Key features & benefits:

  • Radial weighting optimises speed and forgiveness
  • Front-to-back adjustability for your wants & needs
  • Extreme front weighting delivers ultra-low spin and fast speeds
  • Lighter T-Bar chassis and Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown allows optimised weight elsewhere
  • Infinity CNC face expands the milled area by 95% from previous Cobra models

If you'd like to experience the incredible performance of Cobra's Radspeed driver, get in touch today!

Cobra Radspeed Driver
Cobra Radspeed Driver


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