The art of pressure putts

Adam Gray - PGA Golf Professional Kenilworth Golf Club

01 January 0001

When we watch the world’s best on TV, we only see that one hit-or-miss moment. We don’t see the countless hours on the putting greens, the time spent with coaches or the all-important fitting session. So, would you have holed the putt like Petterson to win the 2019 Solheim Cup? If you’re playing roulette when picking your putter, probably not.


As the stat shows, putting is done within fine margins. But you’re not on trial here and this isn’t a case of changing your stroke to hole those 8-footers. No, it’s up to us to find you a putter that suits your stroke type.

In Cleveland’s HB Soft Premier putters alone, you’ll find models to suit everything from strong arcing strokes to slight arcs and even straight stroke types. And then, once you’ve found a putter that suits your stroke, how about a face that feels right at impact?

The precise, diamond-shaped milling pattern on the face gives you a silky-soft feel at impact with the purest of rolls. I mean, can we ask for much more?

Cleveland HB Soft Premier putter
Cleveland HB Soft Premier putter

We understand that it’s hard to believe a putter that’s silky-smooth off the face and works with your stroke actually exists, but it does. Cleveland is truly leading the field there, wouldn’t you say?

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