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Light up the course

Adam Gray

16 May 2022

A good round of golf with the sun on your back and your friends by your side is what we all dream of when sat on the sofa watching the pros or hitting balls on the range in the January rain. That begs the question: Why not get yourself some new threads to make the most of the great weather?

We’d personally say that the best way to celebrate serotonin-fuelled rounds is with exciting patterns, and nobody does that better than Galvin Green. A quick glance at our Galvin Green collection for this summer is all you need to know that.

You can see the Galvin Green Mack polo above boasts an all-over mosaic print, while the Mayson polo strikes a nice balance between eye-catching and smart through a more subtle all-over pattern.

We also love the Massimo polo shirt from Galvin Green, which gives you a classic look with a summery finish (pictured above). Between these three polo shirts, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love wearing on sunny golf courses.

If you want to spruce-up your summer golfing wardrobe with these Galvin Green styles, feel free to stop by our pro shop and have a look at them in the flesh. We’ll always be happy to see your face!

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